New(ish) Dylan Album in March




Since I go to every day at least once now, I may be the first to have noticed that Columbia is releasing a new two dvd/two cd version of the Thirtieth Anniversary Concert. I plan to pre-order it, but as I am STILL waiting on the copy of the Complete Album Collection that I ordered in December, I have no faith that it will actually ever arrive. That said, I can’t watch it until 1992, which is some time around August so there’s plenty of time.

I do remember watching this show on television when it aired, though the only thing that sticks in my memory is Sinead O’Connor being booed off the stage following her Pope-ripping incident on Saturday Night Live, and Kris Kristofferson coming out to speak to her (“Don’t let the bastards get you down”). There’s a lot to be said about the relation of that to Dylan’s own Judas moment, but it will have to wait for a few months.

My self-imposed rules don’t allow me to skip ahead to show you a Dylan clip from this show, but nothing stops me from linking to a Bob Marley cover:



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