Bob Dylan’s Privacy



Reading the excellent Tom Junod article on Dylan’s sense of privacy in the new Esquire. Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy said what I wanted to say about Newport so perfectly:

“We played with McCartney at Bonnaroo, and the thing about McCartney is that he wants to be loved so much,” Jeff Tweedy says. “He has so much energy, he gives and gives and gives, he plays three hours, and he plays every song you want to hear. Dylan has zero fucks to give about that. And it’s truly inspiring. The joke on our tour was that his T-shirt should say PISSING PEOPLE OFF SINCE 1962. If you dropped people out of a vacuum from another planet and planted them in a field somewhere so that they could study us, and there’s a guy half-decipherably singing jump-blues songs almost in the dark, and there’s people watching him—well, it wouldn’t make any sense….”