A Word About Music Retailing



When I decided to do this project I already had all of Dylan’s albums – either as MP3s, on CD, on vinyl, or, in many cases, all of the above. I also realized that I was going to be writing about things that Columbia hasn’t released, and to resolve some of my ethical guilt about that, I decided to give Bob Dylan and Columbia some more money, by buying the huge career-spanning all-the-CDs-in-one-box set that was released at the end of 2013.

Fine. Ordered it.

I just want to say that I still haven’t received it, that there’s no ship date for it yet, and that I have never seen it for sale. Over the past few weeks I’ve been in a number of malls, electronic stores, and other places that sell CDs and I have never ever seen a copy of this set.

Way to go CD sellers both online and brick and mortar!

By the way, I don’t even own a CD player any longer, except in my car. Yes, I am buying this set just for the liner notes (which are online already) and for the sheer karma of purchasing music that I’m blogging about but that I don’t actually need. And they won’t sell it to me!

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