“If You See Her, Say Hello”


“Classic heartbreak album”. That’s the verdict of Hank Moody in Californication about Blood on the Tracks. Talking to his daughter about her first heartbreak, he offers to gift it to her on her iPod. She seems unimpressed as he sings “If You See Her Say Hello”. It’s a great scene, but I have to ask: who could be unimpressed by this song?

This is an absolutely classic heartbreak song. It might even be a contender for his best ever (if it weren’t for “Girl From the North Country”). It is perhaps the complete antithesis of the venom-spewing “Idiot Wind”.

The New York version, which can be found on Bootleg Series 3, is a fascinating one, with really prominent guitar playing. The Minnesota version fits the album far better. This is another of those songs with significant lyrical changes, including new lines for every single verse once he begins playing it live in 1976. Since that’s next week, I’ll try to swing back to those changes then.

Anyway, short and sweet – great song, great version. What else is there?

One thought on ““If You See Her, Say Hello”

  1. robertwboyd2020

    Here’s a very obscure version by Renato Russo from his great Stomewall Celebration Concert album. He switches the gender and makes it about a breakup with a boyfriend. He was the leader of a great Brazilian rock band Legião Urbana. He died of AIDS in 1996, alas.

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