“London Calling”


This one is mostly just a test to see if I’ve got WordPress cooperating with me again. Been having some issues this week.

I posted this version of Bob Dylan performing the Clash’s “London Calling” in London at the Brixton Academy in November 2005. He did the song twice in the five nights that he performed there – both times it is about this length, just a fragment and not the whole thing. Too bad – what we get is great just for the fact that it exists, but it could have been a whole lot better.

This one inordinately pleases my inner seventeen-year-old who was transitioning from Dylan to the Clash and other punk bands. I always saw a pretty direct – if slightly winding –  link between Dylan and the politically engaged music that the Clash was doing, but this just makes it also so palpable.

Okay, going to see if this posts correctly. Enjoy!

One thought on ““London Calling”

  1. Graham McCaffrey

    Thanks for the ‘London Calling’ link – that’s a cover version worth hearing! I have a vague memory of Dylan talking approvingly about the Clash in an interview, probably from the early 1980s and that Paul Simonon played on one of his albums (I knew it was one of the ragbag 80s albums with long lists of contributors – apparently it was Down in the Groove from this interview with Paul Simonon: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/clash-bassist-paul-simonon-on-new-box-set-recording-with-bob-dylan-20130606 )

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