A Dylan Oddity


This is one that I haven’t been able to figure out. It is, it appears, a music video for “Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight”, the last (and possibly worst) song on Infidels. I’m not sure really what it is though, since the song was never released as a single, and, at least in 1983, videos didn’t much get made for songs that weren’t released as singles.

I have always understood it that Dylan produced his first video in 1984 for “Jokerman” and then for “Sweetheart Like You”, the two American-released singles from Infidels. This seems to predate that because you can see Mark Knopfler and Sly Dunbar and Mick Taylor here, which was the recording band for the album. Given that this wasn’t Dylan’s touring band, it had to have been recorded around the time the album was put together. So why wasn’t it released? What is it doing here on YouTube (which doesn’t even have the “Jokerman” video)? Was there a plan to release this as a video (I hope not, it’s terrible, even by the standards of a period when MTV was only two years old). I can’t tell if it is out of sync because this is a bad copy of a copy or because it was just shoddily made.

I haven’t found any references to this even existing, but here it is. Your leads are gratefully accepted.

One thought on “A Dylan Oddity

  1. charleshatfield

    I think it’s pretty great to see the recording band in studio, apparently performing live. And Dylan seems almost blissed out. Cool. 🙂

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