Almost Caught a Bootlegger


This week probably won’t have a lot of Dylan posts, because, although he was quite busy with touring (five distinct tours: Europe in March and April; US in May and June; Europe in July; US from September to November; and a tour with Patti Smith in December), there isn’t as much material that I can share with readers, since a lot of this isn’t online. I’m sure I can dig up something.

A quick note, though, that I am listening to Dylan’s March 31 show at the Brixton Academy in London (part of a three night residency, and good shows they are) when, during “I Don’t Believe You” there is the intrusion of crowd noise. That’s par for the course on bootlegs, but this was really clear dialogue. As I paid attention to it, I was amused by the fact that it was an usher or security guard yelling at the bootlegger, or someone close to him, that he had to take the camera away and put it in his car. There is a long discussion about this, and the security person assures the camera owner that he can come back in, but he must get the camera out of there. It’s all quite hilarious knowing that they’ve missed out on the larger infraction that is happening right in that very spot.

Takes away from a nice version of the song, though.

Oops! Here’s another camera, capturing “Joey” from that same show!

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