Chabad – Now with Video!


Yesterday I was talking about this blog with one of my colleagues who I had no idea was reading it, and he mentioned that he had seen video of the Chabad telethon where Dylan plays with Harry Dean Stanton and his son-in-law, Peter Himmelman. When I wrote about that performance I noted that I couldn’t find any such thing.

As fate would have it, this morning a friend sent me a link to this Open Culture article on the evolution of Dylan’s faith. I don’t fully agree with this article, but it is worth reading (I think it overstates his return to Judaism, but, frankly, it’s all just guess work on this issue anyway). The post has a video from the Chabad telethon of the trio playing “Hava Nagila”. Dylan plays harmonica here, rather than the flute that he played on the other two songs.

I normally don’t update past posts, but it is clear that the universe conspired in the past twenty-four hours so that I would bring this to you. Click through, because WordPress and Daily Motion don’t see eye-to-eye on embedding.

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