Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan (Song for Bobby)



I’m out here at Brock a thousand miles from my home

Listening to scholars tell the things that they know

I’m seeing a new world of people and things

Hearing about poets and the sadness they bring


Hey hey Bobby Dylan I wrote you this blog

Takes a whole year for me, and that’s quite the slog

I’m pausing today from my normal routine

It’s your birthday, and you’re seventy-three!


Hey hey Bobby Dylan I know that you know

All the things that I’m blogging and many times more

I’m typing these facts but I can’t type enough

It’s sometimes hard to come up with this stuff


Here’s to Woody and Joannie and Tom Petty too

And to all the good people that travelled with you

Here’s to the hearts and the hands of the bands

That know the lyrics when the crowd misunderstands


I’m leaving on Thursday but I could leave today

Somewhere in Alberta is the place that I’ll say

The very last blog that I’d like to write

Is the one when you disappear in the night


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