“Precious Angel”



It’s weird. I’ve listened to Slow Train Coming about ten times so far this week already, and I was very much under the impression that it moves from songs that are religious but not overtly so towards ones that are more explicit in their Christian point of view. Just now, however, I sat down and actually listened intently to “Precious Angel”, the second song on the album and the second single while reading the lyrics. And, yeah, that theory about gradualism was just shot to pieces.

This is a sort of creepy song. It is the subject of some speculation as to who the “Precious Angel” actually is. In some ways, I feel like this is one of the songs I’d least like to have Dylan sing about me. The whole whispered lyrics things, his phrasing, it’s just generally unenjoyable for me. I haven’t heard a good live version of it yet, but I’ve only dabbled in a couple of his concerts from 1979 (these range from actually pretty good to downright awful – check back in a couple of days).

Sort of a null entity for me. Don’t like it. Don’t have much to say. The end. Just ticking off this box, really.

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